Why PokerBargains

We carry only high quality poker chips here at PokerBargains.com

We do not carry imitation poker chips found on eBay or lower quality plastic chips found in some department stores. We specifically partner with manufacturers that test the quality of the poker chips before they are shipped to us.

We also conduct focus groups with our local customers (in the Los Angeles area) to receive feedback on quality and design. This process helps ensure that we continue to carry high quality poker items.

Whether you are looking for poker chips, poker table tops, poker accessories, or all of the above, you can rest easy knowing that we carry the latest products and the newest designs.

Unlike some retailers, we do not carry old designs. Some companies offer chips from the mid 1990’s at low prices. We feel that this business approach is like offering computers or car models from the mid 1990’s. At PokerBargains, we are proud to offer our customers the newest and best products available.

We have served many satisfied customers including celebrities and corporate clients from the Fortune 500 list. They have commented on our high quality, low prices, and great poker chip designs.

In addition, many have praised our customer service and attention to detail. Corporate clients include Google, Pfizer, Click2Asia, and Treasure Island hotel (Las Vegas).

To view our celebrity gallery, please click here.

Beware of retailers who overcharge for shipping or those who claim FREE SHIPPING (in reality, the product is priced 50-100% higher to cover for shipping costs). At PokerBargains.com, we offer everyday low prices and charge exact shipping rates.

We do not believe in the practice of overcharging for shipping and we especially do not believe in falsifying any FREE SHIPPING campaigns. Poker sets weigh approximately 20 lbs and poker table tops are oversized items weighing 30 lbs. Our product database is linked directly to UPS and you are not charged $0.01 more than what your local UPS store would charge.

Also, beware of retailers that offer FREE SHIPPING. Some consumers are tricked into thinking that they received free shipping when in reality the cost of the product is 50-100% higher than what it would cost at PokerBargains. Here is an example:

Competitor A: PokerBargains:

Poker Table Top = $99.99 w/ free shipping

Shipping = $0.00

Total = $99.99

Poker Table Top = $47.50

Shipping = $20.00 (varies depending on region)

Total = $67.50

PokerBargains savings of: $32.49


PokerBargains will almost always be cheaper than any competitor that offers free shipping. Beware of companies who overcharge for shipping.

Our management team has a combined 15 years of corporate experience. PokerBargains has also been covered by the local media, appearing in newspapers in Los Angeles and Orange County.

In summary, we want our customers to have peace of mind when they purchase at PokerBargains. Customers will leave here happy knowing that they received high quality chips, the newest designs, and accurate shipping costs.

And on the lighter side, customers can even tell their friends that they own the same poker set as their favorite celebrity (click here to view our Celebrity Gallery).

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