Poker Chip Buying Guide – Cases

There are many types of aluminum cases in the market. The most popular is the silver aluminum case and even that particular case has different types available. For our customers however, we have picked the best aluminum case for the following reasons:

Rounded Corners: The most popular design case preferred by all our customers.

Foam Padding: To ensure the poker chips stay in place and do not bounce back and forth inside the case – we have added a piece of foam to the inside of the case to ensure your chips stay nice and snug.

Reinforced Hinges: PokerBargains aluminum cases also come with reinforced hinges to ensure your case stays closed during transport.

Wooden Slots: Some manufacturers try to save a few bucks and use a cheap plastic tray for your chips (see picture comparison below). We use wooden tray covered in black felt for the best protection and quality. Poker sets are an investment so make sure you get the best quality you are paying for.

Black Felt with wooden trays

Cheap Plastic Insert

Consumer Alert! Many companies save money by offering quality poker chips in a not so quality aluminum case. The main difference in cases is the slots inside the case. In many cases, the slots are made of cheap plastic and break when applying a little pressure.