Poker Buying Guide

As a market leader and trusted source in the poker industry, offers a wide variety of high quality poker chips sets. This section is dedicated to informing you onf the differences between the products we offer. We also make note of counterfeit items and bring caution on possible imitations offered by other companies. Shop with confidence at our store, the only poker chip store trusted by celebrities and Fortune 500 companies.

Buying poker chips can be confusing. Is there a difference in quality between poker chips? What weight should I get? What design should I go with? Knowing the difference between quality poker chips and copycats can be a little confusing. Poker chips come in many different textures and designs. has created this section to guide you through the poker chip buying process.

Some companies use low quality aluminum cases that break within the first few times of use. Click here to make sure you purchase authentic and durable poker chip carrying cases.

We carry table tops of different sizes and varying classes (Standard Edition, Platinum Edition, etc.). Click here to read about the differences between our table tops. We also offer consumer alerts on potential poor products offered by others pretending to be ours.

We service high profile celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and tens of thousands of customer’s everyday. Please feel free to email us if you have a consumer alert regarding any of the sections below and we will post it immediately.