Poker Buying Guide – Table Tops

The most popular poker table tops are the Texas Hold’em Poker Table Top and the Octagonal Poker Table Top. Each of poker table tops uses solid wood wrapped around a premium quality felt for a smooth and professional feel.
Here is additional information about our poker table tops:

Carrying Bag:
Having a high quality poker table top also means having a high quality bag to carry your table top with you. Remember that these tabletops are not light and do require a heavy duty bag. If you are going to purchase a poker table top, make sure that the bag is made of premium quality. Our Platinum Edition Poker Table top bags are top-notch with double-stitching. We also carry the Texas Hold ‘Em Table Top and the brand new 3-in-1 Professional Poker Table Top.

There are different types of poker table tops in the market with different prices. One of the main difference is the type of felt that is used. The cheaper priced poker table tops you see in the market might use felt that will eventually ‘ball up’ after use. Our Platinum Edition Poker Table Top uses the highest quality felt possible. Having high quality felt will also ensure that playing cards such as the Copag Plastic Playing cards slide smoothly over the felt and will not get caught and flip over.
The weight of the poker table top is largely found from the wood inside. We use solid wood in our poker table tops which is why our Platinum Edition Poker Table Tops weigh over 25lbs. This weight not only signifies a high quality wood material but also will not cause your poker table top to shift during game play. Some manufacturers tend to cut cost by using MDF or particle board. This makes the table top light and suspectible to damage when liquid is accidently spilled. Cheaper poker table tops tend to be made of particle board. If you are comparison shopping, make sure that the poker table top you are considering for purchase is made of solid wood.

Consumer Alert! Two things to watch out for in purchasing Table Tops are the felt and the type of board used. Many tabletops available today are cheaply made with felt that easily sheds. The other thing to watch out for is the type of board used.