Poker Buying Guide – Poker Chips

Knowing the difference between quality poker chips and copycats can be a little confusing. Poker chips come in many different textures and designs. PokerBargains has created this section to guide you through the poker chip buying process.

The three main chip types are Plastic, Composite and Clay poker chips.

The name speaks for itself. Plastic chips typically weigh less than 9 grams. These are ideal for beginning players who are on a tight budget. We do not carry this particular type of chip but wanted to bring your attention to all types of chips that are now in the market.

These are the most widely available poker chips in the market today. Each composite chip contains a metal insert in the core for added weight. Composites typically weigh 11.5 grams. Sometimes composite chips will be passed on as ‘clay composite’ but they are all the same type of chip. What you need to make sure of is the quality of the chip. See our list below about why it’s important you choose quality chips.

These chips are ideal for the most demanding poker player and those who are looking for the highest quality chip possible. They have the look and feel of real Las Vegas casino chips. One of the best ways to distinguish clays from composites is the feel of the chip. Clay poker chips have much more of a texture and feel to the chip. With this added texture, players are able to perform professional poker tricks with greater ease. With regular composite chips (that also have metal insert inside) – a pinging sound is produced. The exterior of these clay chips hide the pinging sound you get from composite chips.

        Chips that will eventually crack due to poor manufacturing and material such as recycled plastic mixed in with others

        Inconsistant weight and size of chips that’ll affect you when two stacks of 25 chips do not align correctly.

        High quality pictures does not reflect high quality chips. The only way to tell is to see the chips in person which is why we recommend that you request a sample of our chips (see link below).

Consumer Alert! Due to the popularity of poker, there has been a sudden influx of poorly made composite chips. The pictures might look the same but the quality are not the same. PokerBargains stand behind the quality of chips we carry.